Translation & Localisation

I am a qualified translator with more than 10 years of experience in the market. I graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the Pablo Olavide University (Spain) in 2009 and have been involved in the translation business since. I am capable of carrying out translations of any subject and I am specialised in marketing, media and academic translation. I am a Spanish native speaker and proficient in English and Italian as second languages.


I successfully managed the localisation of the Argos* in Spain website for 4 years. Some of the key achievements as part of this job include:

  • Great supervision and efficient delivery of the translation of 8 catalogues with 12,000 translated products per catalogue and a total of more than 4 million translated words
  • Transcreation of all marketing communications messages for all ongoing campaigns (email marketing campaigns, leaflets, posters, banners, etc)
  • Development and implementation of a Translation Quality Assurance process to ensure the localisation of the website met Argos standards     
  • Worked with very tight deadlines. For example, proofread 1 million words within 7 days and saved £5,000 to her department
  • Development of superb knowledge in specialised terminology related to marketing, communications, e-commerce, and business and legal documentation (English and Spanish)
  • Being the main point of contact in Argos with the translation agency with whom I built a great relationship

* Argos is one of the UK’s leading digital retailers, which offers more than 60,000 products online and in-store. It has the third most visited website in the UK and 1,200 physical locations across the UK. Available at: Sainsbury’s website Retrieved March 30, 2020.

Below you can download a case study of my work at Argos.