International Communications & Marketing

Lena Gogarty

Lena Gogarty

Marketing Manager at the Restaurant Group

“Elena is an all-round marketer with international experience in campaign management, partnerships and new product launches. Detail is her forte and has an acute attention to it. Her skills in building relationships has enabled her to flourish across a variety of markets in Western Europe, working closely with franchisees to influence successful marketing activity including new product launches and strategy. In October 2018 she successfully launched a global marketing campaign which partnered Papa John’s and Sony to promote the film, Venom featuring Tom Hardy. Working closely with the UK team, she secured a number of prizes enabling each market to deliver successful social campaigns that saw strong reach and engagement. Elena is a great team player and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, she’s an invaluable asset to any company.”

Ana Cabello

Ana Cabello

Promotions Manager EMENA at Universal Pictures

“It was a pleasure working together with Elena in activating the Papa John’s & Venom partnership regionally. Elena is a very good professional, who is always responsive and problem-solving to make things work smoothly. She was very engaged with the partnership and got really involved, which made achieve such good results for both parties. I would definitely work again with Elena.”

Laura Mills

Laura Mills

Account Director at Cygnus

“I have had the pleasure of working with Elena for almost a year now, collaborating on several global marketing campaigns expanding across 37 different markets. Elena’s ability to manage multiple projects and respond to emails in a timely manner makes a real difference when delivering projects which she has mastered to a fine art. I am continually impressed by Elena’s exceptional attention to detail, extensive marketing knowledge and upbeat and enthusiastic personality which makes working with her a real pleasure”.

David Bryan

David Bryant-Pugh

Marketing Manager at Sainsbury’s Argos

“An experienced translator, Elena has combined her language skills with a love for all things digital to craft a successful career in content and latterly marketing. After creating, launching and owning the Argos in Spain website, Elena worked with large multi-national clients, taking ownership for promotional calendar planning and the analysis of digital collateral.

A real thirst and desire to learn saw Elena develop her skills both in-role and through a plethora of courses she sourced and enrolled on in her own time. Always looking to stretch her knowledge and gain new skills assisted her development both personally and in her daily work. Drawing on her increasing digital knowledge she was able to branch out into a more digital marketing role.

Able to work on her own or within a team, Elena had the relevant skills when tasked with researching, sourcing, testing and implementing new requirements for a website, which ultimately enabled the site to evolve and develop.

Working with the marketing team she was involved in the creation of client-facing eMail templates, analysing Google Analytics and an involvement in PPC. This approach to learning has enabled Elena to hone a rounded skill set across many areas, from writing content & promotional planning to website development (and the intricacies of the many skills required in this domain). She also has the luxury of knowing Photoshop, allowing her to be able to recreate banners and eSpots for websites as part of her overall skill set”.

Digital Content Management

Eddie Allen

Eddie Allen

Business Analyst at Sainsbury’s Argos

“I have had the pleasure of working with Elena for the last four years, since she joined Argos for Business to manage an e-commerce site launched to the Spanish market. Elena has continually proven to be a driven and proactive member of the team, managing change both effectively and positively. Her desire to ensure that her work meets customer needs and appeals appropriately to her audience is excellent. Her attention to detail, creativity and insight has made her a valuable asset to both the team and the business. Managing and working with Elena has been a pleasure and I would have no hesitation in recommending her personally and professionally”.

Juan Guillemi

Juan Manuel Guillemi

Senior Designer at Papa John’s

Elena is a hard-working individual, who has all throughout our time working together has gone above and beyond to make my end of the job as easy as possible. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

Translation and Localisation

Mercedes  Vallina

Mercedes Vallina Garcia

Head of Production at TranslateMedia

“For the past 4 years, we have provided Spanish translations for Argos Spain. As Multilingual Content Manager for Argos, Elena was our main point of contact. From the very beginning, we established a very solid working relationship. Elena’s strongest qualities are: Understanding of the industry: having Elena as a client with such extensive industry knowledge, made it extremely easy to work with her. Communication was always very smooth, she always provided clear instructions and contributed to keep an up-to-date and very detailed brand briefing Supportive, efficient, professional and friendly attitude: Elena was always quick answering emails, queries and helping the team to get the answers they needed. It always felt like Elena was more than our client; she was part of the team. In summary, I can only say that working with Elena for the past 4 years has been an absolute pleasure”.

Cristobal Cobo

Cristóbal Cobo

Senior Education & Technology Policy Expert at the World Bank

“I have known Elena for several years. After working with her, I am very confident in her ability to do thorough translations or to provide any editorial support. She gave me a very sound and professional service, and in order to be able to fully succeed in her duties, she performed proficiently and with remarkable time-management skills. I am always glad to see Elena showing initiative by always exploring topics and looking for new projects. As my translator, Elena never had a problem with talking to me directly about her ideas or opinions. I believe that having someone with such diverse experience and international perspective could only be of benefit for any organization or individual. Let me know if you need further references”.

Blanca Gonzalez

Blanca González-Valencia

Spanish Tutor at University of Manchester

“I taught Elena at the University of Salford in the Academic Year 2007-2008. Elena was an outstanding and a very hardworking student who consistently achieved high grades in her language modules. Her work in Translation and Interpreting was to be commended thanks to her attention to detail and determination. I believe Elena possess the skills to do any job in which language, culture, translation or interpreting are a key element”.