Digital Content Management

Digital content management across different channels has been key in the last years of my career. Creating webs, copywriting in different languages, editing images, creating email campaigns, newsletters or developing content for social media – you name it, I have it all covered. Below you can see some practical examples of content management in my career.


I successfully managed 50+ Argos websites for over 4 years. Some of my key achievements include:

  • Planning and creating best-in-class content (copy and visuals)
  • Liaising with 20+ clients (Bank of America, Mars, Baxi, among others)
  • Managing content using E-commerce Websphere Accelerator and WordPress
  • Managing ongoing web design and development projects to improve the customer journey 
  • Creating efficient bespoke content plans to support different merchandising strategies
  • Closely monitoring the activity of the websites with Google Analytics to analyse web traffic and customer behaviour

I successfully managed and created an international e-newsletter addressed to 45 markets. Some of my key achievements include:

  • Dramatically improving the content by writing a more engaging copy for articles and introducing relevant interviews of key people within the business 
  • Significantly improving the visual consistency of the newsletter by updating the html template and also improving the strategic usage of images across all articles
  • Redesigning the template under a very tight deadline to match the new brand look and feel 
  • Improving both opening rates and click-through rates due to changes in the quality of content and increase in the employees engagement level towards this internal piece of communications
  • Managing efficiently the relationship with the platform provider