Brand management

Branding is one of my favourite areas of expertise and in one way or another it has always been present in my career. Below you can see some examples of brand management.


I regularly coordinated photoshoots in Papa John’s for new product launches and lifestyle photography ensuring photography meets the brand standards. Some of my key achievements in this subject are:

  • Being the main contact within the business for all lifestyle photography created by Shutterstock
  • Efficient coordination and management of 20+ photoshoots in 2018 for both product and lifestyle photography
  • Effective and timely resource management for shooting new product launches as well as  coordination of all internal teams (Marketing, R&D and Training) to ensure successful photo shootings within budget

I successfully managed and created an international e-newsletter addressed to 45 markets. Some of my key achievements include:

  • Dramatically enhancing the content by writing a more engaging copy for articles and introducing relevant interviews of key people within the business 
  • Significantly improving the visual consistency of the newsletter by updating the template and also the strategic usage of images across all articles
  • Redesigning the template under a very tight deadline to match the new brand look and feel 
  • Improving both opening rates and click-through rates due to changes in the quality of content and increase in the employees’ engagement level towards this internal piece of communications
  • Managing efficiently the relationship with the platform provider